About Us

The idea of Bedroom Hacks flowed through my mind one day when I was decorating and rearranging my bedroom. I was trying to make it look as cool as possible while still maintaining a clean and organized environment that will nourish my growth and well-being.

All types of ideas came to my while I was building this dream bedroom and I thought of items I could add to make the room warmer and feel more like home and also the way I could rearrange furniture could definitely promote Feng Shui to make a great space to live and breath. I began researching for things like air purifiers, air purifying house plants, the best HDMI projector for my room and tons of other things that would make my room awesome.

Then I thought, why not make a website sharing all these things? Everybody has a bedroom that they spend hours in at the end of the day. We could all have a more improved living space, with purer air and awesome things. So why not share the best products and ideas for creating a healthier, more entertaining and nourishing bedroom!

Website: BedroomHacks.com

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